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(Golden Is Currently obsess of Free! and Shingkei no Kyojin!) Hello My name is Jay
I'm 23, I'm Female, I'm a anime freak, I'm a game freak, I'm random, I'm hyper, I'm shy, I'm quiet, I'm in love with manga, I'm in love with drawing, I'm here to share my interest to you :3
WARNING: Might (Most likey) have Yaoi/BL, Shota, Hentai and some random Animes/games/Other stuff I love SO MUCH! Ty~ <3


Another young one bites the dust. Tough break, dweeb!

His stupid outfit is the most insane thing in the world. Who wears a short jacket with no lapels, and ropes hanging between your legs while you fight. Yagami Iori, mega-dork. Bless.

紅 雀  \\  K  O  U  J  A  K  U


Transparent Sousukes.


I really wanted to not like this piece of adorable.


when ur on a diet and you see delicious food

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