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(Golden Is Currently obsess of Free! and Shingkei no Kyojin!) Hello My name is Jay
I'm 23, I'm Female, I'm a anime freak, I'm a game freak, I'm random, I'm hyper, I'm shy, I'm quiet, I'm in love with manga, I'm in love with drawing, I'm here to share my interest to you :3
WARNING: Might (Most likey) have Yaoi/BL, Shota, Hentai and some random Animes/games/Other stuff I love SO MUCH! Ty~ <3


This is how he sees Haru.

All day. Every day. 365 days a year.

Rin's had enough


Free! Eternal Summer (Episode 4): Rin Matsuoka


you’re what now

baby: ma.. ma... ma... ma...
mom: mama?? mama??? MAMA?!
dad: omfg if he's about to say "Matsuoka-senpai" I'm gonna leave
baby: ma.. ma.. MAKE US FREE NA SPLASH
parents: *joins in*
Free! ep.4 : Rin&Sousuke


A special thanks to all the likes on the silly free doodles that I post haha.

i am 99999% done with you momo
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